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Physiotherapy practised at St Brigid’s Centre specializes in the practice of Manual Therapy for the treatment of physical pain.  This would include headaches, neck and back pain, as well as problems arising from the impingement of nerves. Managing of symptoms is often quite straightforward.  To treat the problem in the long term, it is important to gain an understanding of the mechanism underlying the problem. Understanding the cause of the problem is what we assess you for, so we are certain your ailment is not tackled at a superficial manner.  A thorough assessment will lead us to the correct diagnosis. 

Our mission is to approach any physical condition in a holistic way,

  •  Identifying the problem, properly diagnosing it, excluding any underlying incipient condition,
  • Carefully planning a rehabilitation program,
  • Devising a preventive approach so that the problem if recurring will be eliminated on a permanent basis.

 Our fields of expertise includes :-

  • acute sports injuries and also other acute musculoskeletal injuries,
  • Post operative rehabilitation (such as neck and back, disc operations, shoulder operations, knee cartilage operations, cruciate ligament repairs,  joint replacements like knee and  hip) ,
  • Chronic ailments like recurrent headaches and other forms of chronic pain and also work related injuries like repetitive strain injuries and ergo dynamics in the work place.
  • The clinic will be managed by two physiotherapists Mr Andrea Damato and Ms Jade Attard.

It is our intention to open the clinic every day from Monday to Saturday.

  • We accept referrals to physiotherapy preferably from the patient’s family doctor or consultant taking care of the client. 
  • For patients who are not referred or are not sure whether they will benefit from our treatments, we offer a free 1st consultation, during which a plan of management will be proposed together with the physiotherapist who would be taking care of this case.
  • Interested clients can phone 21336111 and 27336111 in order to make an appointment.


Andrea Damato graduated from the University of Malta as a physiotherapist in 2013. Since then, Andrea has completed different courses in Manipulative therapy, Acupuncture, Kinesiotaping, Clinical Reasoning, Sports Massage and Sports Therapy. 

He has a special interest in ergonomics and preventative physiotherapy which helps clients from different working environments prevent injuries on their workplace or daily life. In the next scholastic year Andrea will start reading for a Masters of Science in this field to further expand his knowledge on the subject.


Jade Attard succeeded in obtaining her degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Malta in 2010. After 4 years of working and gaining experience in various fields of physiotherapy, Jade opted to pursue her studies further at UCL, London, whereby she is currently reading for her Masters in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health.  Jade is currently the head physiotherapist of the Malta National Women's Football team and the U19's Women's team. She has also worked with a local football club following their qualification in the Champions League and with the Malta Handball Association for the Partille Cup and the Emerging Nations Cup. She enjoys playing volleyball, reading and music.