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Physiotherapy practised at St Brigid’s Centre specializes in the practice of Manual Therapy for the treatment of physical pain.  This would include headaches, neck and back pain, as well as problems arising from the impingement of nerves. Managing of symptoms is often quite straightforward.  To treat the problem in the long term, it is important to gain an understanding of the mechanism underlying the problem. Understanding the cause of the problem is what we assess you for, so we are certain your ailment is not tackled at a superficial manner.  A thorough assessment will lead us to the correct diagnosis. 

The Manual Physiotherapist will start each session with a series of structured questions that help unfold the true nature of the problem.  The techniques used are predominantly manual techniques – this implies that the therapist will use their hands to make adjustments, stimulate tissue healing, release adhesions and restore proper joint mobility. It is advised that for your appointment you come dressed appropriately allowing exposure of the affected area if necessary. 
Following the session, your Physiotherapist might choose to instruct you on one or two specifically targeted exercises.  These exercises are not to be confused with what one sees in a gym or normal fitness classes. The exercises given are intended to help re-educate the movement of a joint, to realign your posture, or restore synchronicity of complex movement as required around the shoulder and hip.
Ergonomic Support: Extensive research into optimal posture during prolonged sitting has been carried out by our Physiotherapist.  The results of this research will be passed on to every patient whose problem arises from prolonged sitting at the office.  Problems such as headaches, arm pains and back pains all fall in this bracket.  Remember, your posture is not subject to the price tag of your office furniture, but to the proper support being given.  So let our advice help keep your spine right – upright!
AM I OK? Since many patients are unaware of whether their pain or physical complaint can be addressed by Manual Therapy, St Brigid’s Centre is now offering ‘Am I Ok?’ Appointments.   The name of these sessions says it all – patients unsure of whether they would benefit from Physiotherapy can book themselves an AM I OK? Appointment and have their ailment checked out to see whether they are OK – a second opinion for some, a first for others.  Either or, THIS SESSION IS FREE.  Should Physiotherapy be what you need, sessions can be arranged with our resident Physiotherapist. Otherwise, you will be given advice on how to follow up with your concern.Let us help you restore your peace of mind by giving you our best possible clinical judgement.