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General Health Screening For Males

Avoid the doubt!

Check out your Health!

For men reaching middle age, it is advisable to take a regular health check to assess your overall state of health. An annual check will give an early indication of any medical problems that may be developing without you necessarily being aware.

Our approach to routine screening is with economy in mind whilst not in anyway sacrificing accuracy. This is achieved by reducing all procedures and investigations to absolute essentials, and only carrying out more specialised investigations should the core examination indicate that they are necessary.

A General Health Screen comprises of a consultation with your family doctor, a full examination by him and investigations including a full blood screen (haematology and biochemistry including liver and kidney function tests, lipid profile, blood sugar, serum uric acid and serum proteins and urinalysis, including the prostate specific antigen (PSA) strongly recommended for those over 45.

Hormones Affect Men Too.

Given around 50% of men suffer from certain symptoms of the male menopause (or andropause) by the time they are 55, it's clearly worthwhile keeping an eye on your hormone levels. So testing your testosterone levels, and if they are found to be low, testosterone replacement therapy can dramatically improve the quality of your life.