St. Brigid's Centre
St. Brigid's Centre
St. Brigid's Centre

Professionals Attending St. Brigid's Centre

 Dr. Kris Sant  Adult and Addiction Psychiatrist
 Dr. Gabriel Ellul  Psychiatrist  with special interest in Trauma by appointment on 21336111
Dr. Martin Borg MD Specialist in Family Medicine          In attendance daily
Dr. Aleksandra Gajecka Paediatrician  {by appointment +35699335772}
Dr. Anthony Zahra Psychiatrist and Gerontologist
Dr. Colin Gambin Resident Dentist
Dr. Kristian Kolarov Resident Dentist 
Dr. Mario Caruana Clinical Dietitian
Mr. Andrea Damato Physiotherapist
Ms. Belén Agudo Barreiro

Physiotherapist        (by appointment  +34650468927, 99700020)

Ms. Roxanne Cole Clinical Psychotherapist
Dr. Marco Puzzilli Osteopath
Ms. Melanie Camilleri State Registered Podiatrist
Ms. Jacqui Pace Balzan Physiotherapist with a special interest in the assessment and management of vestibular disorders ( dizziness)
Mr. Mohammed Khaled Massage Therapist for contact see Egyptian Massage on facebook